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Grant-Valkaria, Florida Jail and Mugshot Information

The Town of Grant-Valkaria, Florida has a population of 3,928. The mayor as of 2018 is Del Yonts. His phone number is (321) 951-1380 and his email address is DYonts@GrantValkaria.Org. The city can be found in Brevard County.
Del Yonts
1449 Valkaria Road,
Grant Valkaria, FL 32950
Phone: (321) 951-1380
Email: DYonts@GrantValkaria.Org

Grant-Valkaria, Florida Police Station Information

Facts about crime in Grant-Valkaria, Florida:

  • The overall crime rate in Grant-Valkaria is 70% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 2.34 daily crimes that occur in Grant-Valkaria.
  • Grant-Valkaria is safer than 79% of the cities in the United States.
  • In Grant-Valkaria you have a 1 in 117 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in Grant-Valkaria has increased by 12%.

The Brevard County Jail Complex is owned and maintained by the Board of County Commissioners and is operated by the Sheriff. The Jail is accredited through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission.
The main jail opened in 1986 with beds for 386 inmates. Today, the Jail Complex routinely houses over 1,500 inmates daily. The Jail Complex consists of a Booking area, Housing areas, Medical Ward, Laundry facility, Courtroom, Visiting areas, Recreation area, and office/support areas. In addition to the maximum security main jail, there are three tents housing inmates (with a fourth tent to open at a later date), a Women’s Jail, and a mental health/medical facility that opened in 2008. This will bring the total number of permanent beds to 1701.

Grant-Valkaria, Florida Jail:

Brevard Sheriff Jail

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Grant-Valkaria, Florida

Wayne Ivey, Sheriff
700 S. Park Ave.
Titusville, Fl 32780
Phone: 321-264-5201

Administrative Services Command

911 Communications Center

The Communications Center is the central dispatch facility serving all of the Sheriff’s Office field personnel, investigators, and specialty units. Additionally, the Sheriff’s public safety telecommunicators provide 9-1-1 call and dispatch services to the cities of Cape Canaveral, Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Village and West Melbourne.

BCSO Purchasing

The objective of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Purchasing Division is the acquisition of quality goods and services that results in obtaining the maximum projected value for each dollar expended.
The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office welcomes your involvement and encourages participation from Minority Business Enterprises in providing services and supplies.

Evidence Unit

The Evidence Unit is the central repository for all property and evidence held by the Sheriff’s Office relating to criminal and non-criminal matters. The main function of the Evidence section is to provide for the security and control of recovered and evidentiary property as well as abandoned, lost, or found property in the custody of this agency. This is critically important in supporting investigations, helping to guarantee successful prosecution a criminal or civil trials and facilitating the timely return of property to its rightful owners.

Criminal Investigative Services

Economic Crimes Unit

The Economic Crimes Unit/Task Force is comprised of an investigative Sergeant, eight full-time investigators, computer forensics specialist, Crime Analyst and Investigative Support Specialist. Three of the investigators are from our partnership with Titusville Police Department, Melbourne Police Department and the Palm Bay Police Department. The unit is dedicated to a team approach of combating financial crimes which creates effective communication and collaboration. This collaboration greatly enhances law enforcement’s ability to protect and aggressively pursue those who victimize our residents. In addition, we have partnered with our Federal counterparts to effectively pursue all violators with no jurisdictional concerns.

Crime Scene & ID Unit

The Crime Scene Unit is dedicated to providing investigative support in the area of physical-evidence analysis to the units of the Sheriff’s Office and other local, state and federal agencies in order to assist in reducing crime and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Brevard County. The ID section of the unit handles the quality control, processing, sequencing and management/tracking of fingerprint cards of persons arrested in Brevard County and taken to Jail.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence intervention is a high priority for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. The Special Victims Unit conducts follow-up investigations on domestic violence related crimes and works diligently to identify and prevent further crimes of family violence. All of the Agents assigned to the Special Victims Unit are experienced investigators who have received specific training on conducting domestic violence related investigations.

Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit aggressively investigates all death cases including accidental deaths, suicides and natural death cases.

Investigative Support Unit

The Investigative Support Unit investigates homeland security and other issues, to include: terrorist activities, gangs and criminal club activities, threats against law enforcement, organized criminal activity and officer safety issues. The Investigative Support Unit produces crime bulletins to Brevard County Sheriff’s Office deputies and other law enforcement agencies.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit investigates criminal activity pertaining to drug, prostitution, and money laundering crimes throughout Brevard County. This Unit shares and disseminates information relating to joint operation investigations that include agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, which include DEA, ATF, IRS, US Customs, and the US Secret Service.

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is dedicated to providing superior investigative support services for law enforcement personnel in order to reduce trauma to the victims of child abuse, sex abuse and the sexual exploitation of children via the internet, while holding offenders accountable for their crimes.


Dedication, courage and commitment are often words that come to mind when describing the men and women who make up the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT).
The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has had a SWAT team since 1977 when the first team was formed in order to respond to critical incidents and situations. This team, made up of highly trained and well-equipped professionals, prevents situations from escalating and resolves problems as quickly and safely as possible.

Operational Services

Ag & Marine

Brevard County’s extensive coastline, inland waterways, canals and lakes present unique challenges for law enforcement and emergency rescue operations. The responsibility to meet these challenges falls to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural and Marine Unit.


Brevard County, Florida is located in east central Florida. The county is one thousand five hundred and fifty seven square miles, twenty-two miles wide and seventy-two miles long. Land area is one thousand eighteen square miles, and the water within Brevard is five hundred thirty nine square miles. The entire eastern boundary of the county borders the Atlantic Ocean, making up seventy-two miles of beaches. Brevard County has sixteen municipalities with a population of 555,650. Brevard County is known as the “Space Coast” since it’s the home of the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Brevard County is home to Port Canaveral, one of the busiest freight and cruise ship port terminals in the country, as well as a Navy Trident turning basin for Ballistic Missile Submarines. Patrick Air Force Base and the Naval Ordnance Test Unit is also located within the county.

Dive Team

Brevard County has 75 miles of the Atlantic Ocean bordering its east coast, the St. John’s River providing the west border, the Indian River and Banana Rivers both running nearly the entire length of the county, vast numbers of canals, lakes and ponds, and also boasts Port Canaveral, the busiest cruise port in the Western Hemisphere.

With the vast amount of water areas and the waterborne activity that comes with it, it isn’t difficult to see why the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team stays so busy.

Bomb Unit

The Bomb Squad was formed in 1988. This unit is federally accredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The squad’s responsibilities include disarming improvised explosive devices and assisting with investigations on all bomb related incidents. This includes incidents that involve Weapons of Mass Destruction i.e. suspected anthrax.

K-9 Unit

At the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, like most other large law enforcement agencies in the world, K-9 Units are an essential tool in the fight against crime. A canine’s superior sense of smell allows them to not only detect miniscule odors undetectable by their human law enforcement counterparts, but to distinguish these odors from an array of distracting and/or more powerful odors. Their keen eyesight, used in the wild to detect prey, supplements this sense of smell to make them unmatched locating tools. Canines are not only intelligent and trainable, but they adapt well to new and changing situations, a constant in the unpredictable world of law enforcement.

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit has the primary responsibility for Traffic and D.U.I. Enforcement throughout the entire county. They also conduct Special Details such as parades, several types of traffic escorts, traffic control, and civic benefits, etc. This unit’s goal is to reduce the traffic fatalities on Brevard County Roadways and Interstate with aggressive traffic enforcement.

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