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Lady Lake, Florida Jail and Mugshot Information

The Town of Lady Lake, Florida has a population of 14,247. The mayor as of 2018 is Jim Richards. His phone number is 352-751-1500 and his email address is The city can be found in Lake County.

Jim Richards
409 Fennell Boulevard
Lady Lake, FL. 32159
Phone: 352-751-1500

The crime index of Lady Lake, as reported by a 2016 statistic, was 100.8. There has been 30 registered sex offenders living in the city, with the residents-sex offender ratio at 510 to 1.

Lady Lake, Florida Police Station Information

The Lady Lake, FL overall crime rate is 47% lower than in comparison to the Florida average; and is also 42% lower than compared to the national average. Specifically regarding violent crimes in Lady Lake, FL, the rate is 66% lower than compared to the Florida average, and 62% lower than when paralleled to the national average. When comparing property crime, Lady Lake, FL comes in at 44% lower than to the average seen in Florida, and 39% lower than the overall national average.

Facts about crime in Lady Lake, Florida:

  • The overall crime rate in Lady Lake is 42% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 4.51 daily crimes that occur in Lady Lake.
  • Lady Lake is safer than 65% of the cities in the United States
  • In Lady Lake you have a 1 in 61 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in Lady Lake has decreased by 6%.

The Town of Lady Lake is in Lake County, Florida and is approximately 6.8 square miles. Lady Lake is a full service town with a Commission-Manager form of government and an estimated year round population of 14,000 residents.

The Lady Lake Police Department is a fully accredited professional law enforcement agency, certified by the Florida Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation. The Department is responsible for providing all law enforcement services within the capacity of the agency’s resources and for traffic enforcement within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Lady Lake.

The Lady Lake Police Department is centrally located at 423 Fennell Boulevard, between the historical section of Lady Lake and The Villages. Our department has an authorized strength of 28 full-time sworn officers, 5 police reserve officers, and 7 civilian non-sworn staff members.
The primary goal of the Police Department is protection of life and property, prevention of crime and apprehension of criminal perpetrators. The Department strives to provide the best possible police service to residents of Lady Lake and to those who work, travel and shop here.

The Office of the Chief of Police is responsible for the effective delivery of police services to the community and maintains operational oversight of the bureaus dedicated to that mission.

The Lady Lake Police Department is divided into two bureaus, Operations and Administrative Services.

The Operations Bureau is commanded by a captain and is comprised of uniform patrol, motorcycle/traffic enforcement, K-9, criminal investigations and the Public Information Officer.

Police officers in the Operations Bureau offer year-round, 24 hour coverage for our community. Patrolling our roads, responding to calls for service, investigating accidents, traffic control, assisting with medical emergency calls, and follow-up on criminal complaints are examples of some of the services provided. The Operations Bureau also provides specialized services to our residents consisting of K9, motorcycle, segway, and foot/golf cart patrol. The Criminal Investigations Division investigates cases which cannot be solved by the initial responding police officer or becomes too complex or time consuming for patrol.

The Administrative Services Bureau is commanded by a captain and is comprised of Accreditation, Records, Animal Control, Training, and the Quartermaster.

The Records Division is responsible for filing, storing and retrieving records and reports taken by Town police officers.

Lady Lake Police Department Address:

Chris McKinstry, Chief of Police
423 Fennell Blvd.
Lady Lake, FL. 32159
Phone: 352-751-1560
Fax: 352-751-1566

The Lake County Detention Center is a 960 bed facility, located in Tavares, Florida. In 2016, 8,722 inmates were booked into the facility with an average daily population of 747 inmates.

The Detention Center employs 239 personnel. (181 Sworn Detention Deputies and 57 civilians) Under the leadership of the Sheriff.

In 2006 the Lake County Detention Center was accredited by the The Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission. In February 2015, the Detention Center was reaccredited for the fourth time by the FCAC.

Inmate Visitation:

After an inmate is booked into the facility and reaches their housing assignment, he/she can complete a visitation form at the kiosk to place visitors on their visitation list. It can take up to a week for the form to be processed. Please do not call to see if you are on an inmate’s list until after that time.

If you have been incarcerated in the Lake County Jail you will not be allowed to visit any inmate within 90 days of your release date.

If you are a victim of a battery charge, you will not be allowed to visit the inmate who is charged with this crime unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Inmates in general population are allowed two (2) visits per week, up to 1 hour per visit.

Inmates that are juveniles have special visitation hours. (see side panel for days and times of visitation). Inmates in disciplinary confinement do not receive visitation.

Visitation Rules:

  • Only 1 Key and 1 picture id allowed
  • Must be 18 yrs, of age
  • 12-17 yrs. of age must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to visit
  • Only one (1) child allowed per adult visitor, exceptions require approval of the on-duty Shift Commander
  • No minors will be left alone in the lobby. They must have a parent or guardian with them at all times
  • No tank tops, spaghetti strap tops or short dresses
  • No tops that are revealing or see through
  • No strapless tops allowed
  • No cell phones
  • No short skirts or shorts
  • no ball caps
  • No sunglasses, unless prescribed

If you have any items on you that are not allowed into the facility, there are lockers(located in the lobby) where you can put these items. The cost for use of a locker is 25 cents and is returned when you get your items out of the locker. If you have a cell phone, make sure it is turned off (not on vibrate) before placing it into a locker.

Visitation Days & Hours Of Operation:

General Population and AC/PC
Sunday through Saturday:

9:00 am – 11:00 am
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Juveniles, B2B and females in B1

Sunday through Saturday:

11:00 am – 1:00 pm
4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Lady Lake Police Station

Lady Lake, Florida Jail:

Lake County Sheriff Corrections

Contact Information
Country: USA
Address 1: 423 Fennell Blvd
City: Lady Lake
State: Florida
Zip Code: 32159-3158
County: Lake County
Phone #: 352-751-1560
Fax #: 352-751-1566
Additional Information
Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 15000
Number of Officers: 24

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Lady Lake, Florida

Peyton C. Grinnell, Sheriff of Lake County
360 W. Ruby St.
Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: (352) 343-9501
Here are some of Lake County Sheriff’s Bureaus’:

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations along with Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) make up the Lake County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB). There are 21 detectives, 2 sergeants, 2 corporals and 1 lieutenant assigned to the CIB. Detectives are organized into two categories, Major Crimes and General Crimes.

Communications Center

The Communications Center is the hub of any law enforcement agency. The personnel assigned to work in the hub are a very service oriented team of Dispatchers. These Dispatchers are the first to receive and disseminate calls for service from and to the citizens of Lake County. All 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators are required to become state certified within the first year of employment and are required to have at a minimum of 232 hours of training.

K-9 Patrol

Today’s law enforcement is charged with a constantly changing scope of operation. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office strives to be prepared for these types of changes and doing so, requires the use and deployment of Specialized Units to meet the needs of our community.

One of such is the K-9 Unit. The K-9 Unit is comprised of experienced deputies, who have proven their knowledge and skills, and through a selection process, have been assigned to these specialized duties. The K-9 Unit is made up of nine German Shepherds who are highly trained in a variety of tasks. Due to the hostile environment they are exposed to, these dogs are not the common house pet. They are hand selected in Europe for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and imported for their courage, sound mental and physical strengths.

Mounted Posse Patrol

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol and Civilian Posse is a volunteer-based unit. These Volunteers work in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Deputies. The basic purpose of the Civilian Mounted Posse is to assist the agency, when the use of horses is advantageous for functions such as: search and rescues, large events, and community functions.


The warrants division consists of four deputies who serve warrants. Their warrants deputy’s main job is to serve local, out of county, and out of state warrants. The deputies serve warrants on a daily basis and attempt to locate all subjects for whom warrants are issued.

Uniform Patrol

When a citizen of Lake County calls the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for assistance, most likely the deputy responding will be a member of the Uniform Patrol Bureau. Often referred to as the ‘backbone’ of any law enforcement agency, the Uniform Patrol Bureau provides law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year throughout the 1,156 square miles of land area within the agency’s jurisdiction. Deputies in the Uniform Patrol Bureau respond on average to 350,000 calls for service each year. Uniform Patrol Deputies are easily recognizable by the highly visible patrol vehicles that they drive. The Uniform Patrol Bureau of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office contains several specialized units. These units answer calls for service or respond to emergencies that would be impossible or impractical for regular Road Patrol Deputies to handle. These units include the Street Crimes Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit and the K-9 Unit.

Traffic Enforcement

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit is committed to minimizing the number of traffic accidents and making the roadways safer for our residents and visitors. The Sheriff’s Office has adopted a three-prong approach to traffic safety:

Education – The LCSO Traffic Enforcement Unit participates in all state-wide sponsored traffic safety campaigns. Additionally, traffic deputies make traffic safety presentations to local civic, homeowner and business organizations.

Engineering – Traffic deputies contribute to this effort by recognizing areas in need of repair and making suggestions on how to improve overall traffic concerns.

Enforcement – Traffic deputies will enforce all state statute and local ordinances in regards to traffic movement and operation. This is the last of the three steps but the one most often observed by the public.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit will use any of the three approaches listed above in an attempt to solve the situation.

Special Investigations

The Special Investigations Bureau is comprised of the Sheriff’s Office Narcotics/Vice Unit and the Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit. The Narcotics/Vice Unit operates in an undercover capacity to combat illicit drug activity, prostitution, alcohol and tobacco violations, gaming violations or any other matters that are sensitive in nature in our community. The mission of the Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit is to use every intelligence and law enforcement tool available to process, evaluate, collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence in reference to criminal activity. We will provide intelligence to the appropriate authorities in order to enable the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to take a proactive approach in the protection of our citizens, and in the prevention of crimes.

The Special Investigations Bureau consists of twenty (20) highly trained detectives tasked to various investigative areas, to include assignments to the United States Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. The Special Investigations Bureau also oversees the City/County Investigations Unit which is made up municipal narcotic investigators who are deputized and work in conjunction with Special Investigations detectives. These detectives operate on various work schedules to accommodate the demand placed upon them. They are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The Special Investigations Bureau detectives are specially trained in the vast field of covert surveillance, which makes this bureau unique.

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