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Quitman, Louisiana Jail and Mugshot Information

Quitman, Louisiana has a population of 181. The mayor as of 2018 is Joe Vail. His phone number is 318-259-8014. The village can be found in Jackson Parish. It is also adjacent to the Jackson Bienville Wildlife Area. Quitman is part of the Ruston Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Joe Vail
Village of Quitman
8255 Quitman Hwy
Quitman, LA 71268
Phone: 318-259-8014

Quitman, Louisiana Police Station Information

Facts about crime in Quitman, Louisiana:

  • The overall crime rate in Quitman is 58% higher than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 12.28 daily crimes that occur in Quitman.
  • Quitman is safer than 10% of the cities in the United States.
  • In Quitman you have a 1 in 23 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in Quitman has decreased by 3%.

The Jackson Parish Correctional Center is located at 327 Industrial Drive, Jonesboro, LA 71251. JPCC is a state of the art correctional center which has the capacity to hold 1200 inmates and employs 175 people. Phase I opened and has been in operation since October 8, 2007. Phase II opened and has been in operations since October 10, 2009. The contact number to the Jackson Parish Correctional Center is (318) 259-8799.

Quitman, Louisiana Jail:

Jackson Parish Sheriff Correctional

Open Records Request in Quitman, Louisiana

The City Clerk serves as the link between City Council and citizens as well as between the City Manager and city employees.
The office of City Clerk for Village of Quitman provides clerical, record keeping and administrative functions to the City Council and the City Manager. In addition, this individual performs many tasks that assist in guiding and managing the operation of local government policy and law. Below are just a few of the responsibilities of Village of Quitman City Clerk.

  • Grants parade permits
  • Grants street closures
  • Manages requests to speak to Council
  • Collects information and prepares Council agendas and other information for Council
  • Collects, organizes, and maintains records
  • Records and submits City Council meeting minutes

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Quitman, Louisiana

Andy Brown, Sheriff
500 East Court Street, Room 100
Jonesboro, LA 71251

The Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office is releasing information on subjects with outstanding warrants. The warrants will be updated periodically. If you would like to receive information on other warrants not listed, contact the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 259-9021.

Jackson Parish Warrants

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers collects information on unsolved crimes or individuals wanted by our department. Please review our list below of unsolved crimes. If you have any information or knowledge regarding any of these, click the Tips button to take you to our Tips page. You can enter your information there. Thank you for your assistance.
If you have information on a crime that has occurred or is about to occur, you can leave the information on this page. You may remain anonymous, if you choose. Please fill out this form, should you have knowledge of crimes or suspicious activities.

Jackson Parish Sheriff Tips Form

Request Extra Patrol

Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to protecting and serving our Parish. One way we serve our community is by offering extra patrol of a residence when people are away from their home or property. If you are having problems in your area or you are going to be out of town and you wish to have extra patrol please fill out the form below or contact our office at (318)259-9021.

Jackson Parish Sheriff Request Extra Patrol Form

Code Red

Jackson Parish Sheriff introduces CodeRED. This is another tool that will be used by the Sheriff’s Department to better serve the parish. The system is capable of making emergency notifications to thousands of citizens in just minutes via telephone, email and text messaging.
CodeRED Weather Warning will alert targeted areas or the whole parish to severe weather. CodeRED Community Notification will be used for unlimited emergency situations, such as evacuations, notifying our Senior Citizen Watch Members of scams, etc.

Operation ID

Burglary is the most frequently committed crime in the United States. Operation Identification is a crime prevention program that is simple and is intended to reduce theft and burglaries. It is designed to let would-be burglars know that your valuables are marked, listed and on file at the Sheriff’s Department.

Operation ID Program has three parts:

First, mark your valuables that are without serial numbers with your driver’s license or some other identifying number. Place this number in a place that is not noticeable. This can be done with an engraver or permanent marker.

Second, list all your valuables on a form furnished by the Sheriff’s Department.
Third, display a sticker which tells would-be burglars that all of your property is marked and on file with the Sheriff’s Department.
Listing your valuables allows a victim to quickly describe the stolen property and allow law enforcement to positively identify your property. Placing a sticker on windows and doors may make a burglar think twice before taking your valuables.

To participate in this program you may call the Sheriff’s Department at (318) 259-9021 and request a form. Or click below to download the form. Once you complete this form, it will be picked up and you will receive Operation ID decal stickers for your home.

Jackson Parish Sheriff Operation ID Form

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