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Simsboro, Louisiana Jail and Mugshot Information

Simsboro, Louisiana has a population of 841. The mayor as of 2018 is Willie Hendricks. The village can be found in Lincoln Parish. It is part of the Ruston Micropolitan Statistical Area. Two 20th century lawmakers who were natives of Simsboro are interred at Simsboro Cemetery: State Representatives L.D. “Buddy” Napper, who served from 1952 to 1964, and practiced law for a half-century in Ruston, and Ragan Madden, who left the House in 1949 to become the five-term district attorney of the 3rd Judicial District. A 19th Century lawmaker who lived in Simsboro was Representative George M. Lomax, who in 1894 introduced the enabling legislation, Act 68, to establish the future Louisiana Tech University.

Willie Hendricks
2742 Martha Street
Simsboro, LA 71275
There has been 10 registered sex offenders living in the city, with the residents-sex offender ratio at 116 to 1.

Simsboro, Louisiana Police Station Information

Facts about crime in Simsboro, Louisiana:

  • The overall crime rate in Simsboro is 34% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 5.11 daily crimes that occur in Simsboro.
  • Simsboro is safer than 48% of the cities in the United States.
  • In Simsboro you have a 1 in 54 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in Simsboro has decreased by 1%.

The village of Simsboro cooperates with the Gambling Police Department to combat crime in the village. The Grambling Police Department is a member of the Lincoln Parish Narcotics Task Force (LPNET). This multi-jurisdictional specialized unit handles all major narcotics and felony investigations. An agent from the Grambling Police Department is assigned to this unit to handle any GPD cases.


“Our primary purpose in the Grambling Police Department is to provide professional service, community assistance, and combat crime to the best of our ability and knowledge for all citizens at large.”

Simsboro, Louisiana Police Station:

Grambling Police Dept

Simsboro, Louisiana Jail:

Lincoln Sheriff Corrections Division

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Simsboro, Louisiana

Mike Stone, Sheriff
Phone: 318-251-5111

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division under the leadership of Chief Criminal Deputy Stephen Williams encompasses the majority of the Sheriff’s Office organization. This division includes those deputies in communications where the call for service is received, to uniform patrol unit who responds to the call, to the detectives unit that investigates crimes, to the special Narcotics unit, to the Special Response Units that handle dangerous or crisis situations. Further information is given below.

911 & Communications

The Communications division is often the nerve center of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office and is comprised of trained call takers and dispatchers located in the state of the art 911 call center within the Sheriff’s Office. The deputies that work in this position are on-duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They answer all 911 calls placed from within Lincoln Parish except those placed from within the Ruston City Limits. They are responsible for dispatching the appropriate law enforcement, fire or emergency medical resource to handle the caller’s problem. In addition to answering 911 calls, these communication deputies are responsible for staying in constant communication via radio with the on-duty patrol deputies in the field to assist in their safety and job performance. They also manage the general administrative phone lines after hours, on weekends and on holidays. In a given tour of duty these deputies will answer general informational calls, calls about serious crimes, and everything in between.

Uniformed Patrol

The Patrol Division of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office is a dedicated division of professional law enforcement men and women whose primary responsibility is to patrol all areas of Lincoln Parish to enforce the Revised Statutes of Louisiana and Ordinances of Lincoln Parish. This division is the backbone of the department and primarily responsible for criminal patrols in the unincorporated areas of Lincoln Parish’s 472 square miles, but have authority anywhere in the parish. The assigned duty of criminal patrol can include anything from a loose livestock complaint, to a traffic crash, to a burglary complaint, or a homicide. The highly trained deputies of this division are the front-line first responders that have the most contact with the public and are committed in their efforts to maintain a safe environment for all the citizens of Lincoln Parish.

Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigators of the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office are tasked with investigating all criminal offenses committed in Lincoln Parish. The four deputies that are assigned to this division possess special skills in interviewing, crime scene investigations, warrant preparation, evidence collection and preservation, constitutional issues, and interpersonal relations. They investigate all types of crimes from white collar and cyber-crimes, to homicides, to domestic violence crimes, to burglaries and thefts.

Special Criminal Units

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office has two distinctive units to assist in high risk and crisis situations. The Special Response Team (SRT) responds to emergency or crisis situations within Lincoln Parish that are particularly high risk in nature. Members of the department’s Special Response Team are extremely trained and well versed in dealing with situations that require specialized tactics and solutions.

K-9 Units

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office has two distinguished Canine Deputies that are highly trained and certified in narcotic detection and suspect apprehension. Their mission is to support and assist department criminal patrol, the Lincoln Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team (LPNET), and detective operations in the search of outstanding criminal suspects armed with firearms, lost and missing persons, and evidence location.

Lincoln Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team (LPNET)

In 2004 when Sheriff Mike Stone began his tenure as Sheriff of Lincoln Parish he pledged to the citizens of Lincoln Parish that he would boost the resources committed to the Lincoln Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team (LPNET) in an effort to cut down on the availability of illicit & prescribed drugs available to our citizens and particularly the youth of the parish. In his tenure, Sheriff Stone has more than doubled the man power and effort to rid Lincoln Parish of illegal drugs. The achievements of the five narcotic investigators in this division have greatly reduced the availability of illegal drugs on the streets of Lincoln Parish.

Juvenile & Special Services Division

The juvenile and special services division under the direction of Major Kirk Taylor encompasses all the services provided for our juvenile and senior citizens as well as our volunteer units.

School Resource Officer

Deputies in the Juvenile Division are certified as an SRO. Deputies are assigned a school that they work at to provide security and safety for the students, faculty and staff. The SRO’s work during the school day as well as school sponsored events. The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office currently has SRO’s assigned to all parish schools from Elementary to High School.

Sheriff’s Citizen Observer Patrol (SCOP)

The Sheriffs Citizens On Patrol unit is composed of volunteers who assist with traffic, neighborhood patrols, community programs, and other special events. They are all voluntarily offering their time to assist the Sheriff’s Office in these duties. They have no arrest power and are not an armed detail, but they are more than willing to assist in any way they can.


Deputies in the Juvenile Division are all certified DARE instructors. The DARE curriculum is taught in the elementary 5th or 6th grades and the junior high 7th or 8th depending on the school.

Civil Division

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office Civil Division is led by the Chief Civil Deputy, Major Jerry Smith, and is responsible for all the financial matters involving the Sheriff’s Office as well as courtroom security and oversight of the probation unit. This division is responsible for collecting all the property taxes for Lincoln Parish and disseminating those funds back out to the various other agencies of Parish government.

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