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St. Francisville, Louisiana Jail and Mugshot Information

St. Francisville, Louisiana has a population of 1,765. The mayor as of 2018 is William “Billy” D’Aquilla. His phone number is (225) 635-3282 and his email address is The town can be found in West Feliciana Parish.
William “Billy” D’Aquilla
Town of St. Francisville,
P.O. Box 400,
St. Francisville, La. 70775
Phone: (225) 635-3282

The crime index of St. Francisville, as reported by a 2014 statistic, was 444.1.

St. Francisville, Louisiana Police Station Information

Facts about crime in St. Francisville, Louisiana:

  • The overall crime rate in St. Francisville is 55% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 3.52 daily crimes that occur in St. Francisville.
  • St. Francisville is safer than 65% of the cities in the United States.
  • In St. Francisville you have a 1 in 78 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in St. Francisville has increased by 24%.

St. Francisville Police Department Address:
Scott Ford, Chief of Police
11936 Ferdinand St
P.O. Box
St Francisville, La. 70775
Emergency: Dial 911
Phone: (225) 635-4177
Fax: (225) 635-5577
West Feliciana Parish Detention Center
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4PM
Phone: 225-784-3158
Fax: 225-635-3255
Wardens Office: 225-784-3148
Wardens Fax: 225-784-3150
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 2727; St. Francisville, LA 70775
Physical Address: 4834 Feliciana Street; St. Francisville, LA; 70775

The West Feliciana Parish Detention Center is a drug and tobacco free facility. The detention center houses offenders who are booked into jail, awaiting trial, or who have been sentenced to serve time by the parish or the Department of Corrections. Offenders are held until they are bonded out, transferred to another facility, or released after serving their time. The Detention Center has the capacity to house 39 male offenders. Females and juveniles are transferred to other facilities.

St. Francisville Police Dept
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St. Francisville, Louisiana Jail:

West Feliciana Parish Sheriff Detention

Contact Information
Country: USA
Address 1: 11936 Ferdinand St
City: St Francisville
State: Louisiana
Zip Code: 70775-4342
County: West Feliciana Parish
Phone #: 225-635-4177
Fax #: 225-635-5577
Additional Information
Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 2000
Number of Officers: 8

Open Records Request in St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Town Clerk’s Office serves as the hub of the community by providing the public with information both in person and over the telephone. Please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office with any questions you may have.

Some of the Town Clerk’s responsibilities & duties;

Public Records Access

A Public Access to Records or Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) request must be submitted to the Town Clerk regardless of which town department you are requesting to obtain records from.

Applications for Services, Permits & Licenses

The Town Clerk records and maintains all town records, issues licenses and permits, and helps people with questions. The Town Clerk attends all meetings of the Town Board, acts as clerk thereof, and records all actions taken by the Board of Aldermen. All Local Laws are recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk
Town of St. Francisville,
P.O. Box 400,
St. Francisville, La. 70775
Phone: (225) 635-3688

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in St. Francisville, Louisiana

J. Austin Daniel, Sheriff
4785 Prosperity St.,
St Francisville, LA 70775
Phone: 225.784.3109

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division oversees the activity of all enforcement officers at the Sheriff’s Office.

Through the Criminal Division, sworn deputies provide peace and security of all residents and visitors of West Feliciana Parish. The primary functions of the Criminal Division are to respond to citizen’s calls for assistance, enforce traffic laws, investigate crimes, promote crime prevention through public education, maintain a safe and secure detention facility, operate an efficient 9-1-1 Dispatch Center, complete and maintain quality reports, and to track and store evidence.

Other special units and programs under the umbrella of the Criminal Division include the Narcotics Division, the Special Crisis Response Team, the D.A.R.E program, the Crisis Response Program, and the Homeland Security Division.

Civil Division

The Civil Division has four employees that handle the collection of all West Feliciana Parish Property Taxes, receiving and serving of all civil and criminal papers, executing all writs of seizure and garnishment, as well as collecting and disbursing all court mandated criminal fines and court costs. The Civil Division also maintains the criminal records files, processes all criminal bonds, and processes all parish occupational and local retailer alcoholic beverage licenses.
Approximately $21 Million in tax revenue is collected and disbursed each year in the parish. Each month, these taxes are distributed to the parish taxing bodies such as the School Board, Parish Council, various municipalities within the parish, Library, Assessor, Sheriff, and Fire Districts, etc. Approximately 6,000 civil and criminal court papers are served ever year through this division.

Accounting and Personnel Division

The Accounting and Personnel Division consists of three employees who conduct the day to day financial operations of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.
This division is responsible for performing all payroll functions, managing accounts payable and accounts receivables, creating and analyzing monthly budget reports, preparing and auditing the financial budget, coordinating and overseeing employee benefits and insurance programs, and managing employee new hire, termination and retirements processes.

Investigations Division


The West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division is comprised of three agents. Their main objective is fighting drug problems in our area. Narcotics agents are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All agents are also members of the Louisiana Narcotics Officers Association and attend a yearly training conference to maintain and improve their abilities.
The W.F.P.S.O. Narcotics Division is a member of the Delta Narcotics Task Force, which is a multi-jurisdictional task force that includes East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, City of Baton Rouge Constable’s Office, Baker Police Dept., Zachary Police Dept., Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Office and East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office. These departments combine manpower and resources to conduct covert operations and Highway Interdiction to reduce the amount of narcotics and offenders in these areas.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division consists of three investigators assigned to follow-up all crimes within West Feliciana Parish. They are responsible for investigating homicides, burglaries, robberies, thefts, forgery, rape, etc.

Investigators are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of the individuals in the investigative division are veteran law enforcement officers with years of experience behind them. They are constantly upgrading their skills with classes, courses and seminars to improve their abilities.
W.F.P.S.O. Investigators are responsible for criminal investigations at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Investigations include homicide, rape, battery on a correctional officer, etc.


All W.F.P.S.O. officers, including patrol, investigators, and narcotics agents work closely with the Evidence Custodian, who inventories all evidence, maintains the chain of custody, and transports evidence to and from the State Police Crime Laboratory. This position makes evidence used in court cases more reliable and allows deputies more time to patrol.

Communications Division

The Communications Division conducts all parish emergency Dispatch and 9-1-1 operations out of the Emergency Operations Center, which is located at 9938 West Feliciana Parkway.
All emergency calls for public safety assistance are answered at the 9-1-1 Center, which is staffed by highly trained Emergency Communications Officers. The Communications Division, which is staffed 24/7, consists of 9 full time and 4 part time officers who are all employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

Detention Division

The W.F.P.S.O.’s Detention Center strives to ensure public safety, the safety of offenders, as well as the safety of the staff. The objective of the Detention Center staff is to enforce the penal laws of the state of Louisiana and of the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.
The W.F.P.S.O.’s Detention Center has a maximum capacity of 39 and houses pre-trial, parish, and Department of Corrections offenders.

Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for planning, scheduling and tracking mandatory and requested training activities for the W.F.P.S.O. The Training Director maintains division specific, POST, STATE and FEMA training requirements. The Training Director identifies the training needs for each division by coordinating with division supervisors and by staying up to date to law enforcement specific mandatory training requirements.

Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division is staffed by twelve full time patrol officers and ten part time patrol officers who work 12 hour shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Uniform Patrol Deputies enforce traffic laws throughout West Feliciana, from the Mississippi State Line to the north to the East Feliciana Parish line (Thompson Creek) to the south and from the Mississippi River on the west to Jackson, Louisiana on the east.

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