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St. Louis, Michigan Jail and Mugshot Information

The City of St. Louis, Michigan has a population of 7,482. The mayor as of 2018 is James Kelly. His email address is The city can be found in Gratiot County.

James Kelly
300 North Mill Street
St. Louis, MI 48880

The crime index of St. Louis, as reported by a 2007 statistic, was 115.9.

St. Louis, Michigan Police Station Information

When reviewing the table, you see a comprehensive overview of all annual crimes reported in St. Louis, MI. All reported St. Louis, MI crimes are shown and for assessment, each particular crime is demonstrated, establishing an accurate total that represents any crimes committed for every 100,000 residents. You’ll also notice that the crimes are distributed into two separate categories, being; violent crimes and property crimes. In addition, the table also demonstrates that the St. Louis, MI overall crime rate is 51% lower than in comparison to the Michigan average; and is also 60% lower than compared to the national average. Specifically regarding violent crimes in St. Louis, MI, the rate is 27% lower than compared to the Michigan average, and 14% lower than when paralleled to the national average. When comparing property crime, St. Louis, MI comes in at 57% lower than to the average seen in Michigan, and 67% lower than the overall national average.

Facts about crime in St. Louis, Michigan:

  • The overall crime rate in St. Louis is 60% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 3.02 daily crimes that occur in St. Louis.
  • St. Louis is safer than 74% of the cities in the United States.
  • In St. Louis you have a 1 in 91 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in St. Louis has increased by 32%.

The St. Louis Police Department under the direction of Richard Ramereiz Jr., Chief of Police, is a full service Police Department. In addition to regular duties, such as accident investigation, traffic enforcement and criminal investigations, officers provide services relating to motorist assistance, PBT tests, fingerprinting for civilian organizations, gun permits, etc.

The department consists of one Sergeant, three full time patrol officers, a full time police clerk, three part time patrol officers and seven reserve officers who provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The department has three fully marked patrol units and an unmarked unit for special use.
Calls for assistance can be directed to 681-5285 during normal business hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. After business hours, emergency calls can be directed to 911 at Gratiot County Central Dispatch or if non-emergency in nature by calling 875-7505. Assistance will be directed to you when needed.

St. Louis Police Department Address:

Richard Ramereiz Jr., Police Chief
300 N Mill St,
St. Louis, MI 48880
Phone: (989) 681-5285
Fax: (989) 681-4620

The Gratiot County Jail currently has a capacity of 70 inmates. The Facility had a major renovation in 2001. The staffing consists of 12 full time staff, 1 Jail Sergeant, 1 Jail administrator, and up to a maximum of 6 temporary correctional officers. The Jail offers religious services, alternative education, in addition to other activities for the inmate population in an attempt to help reduce the recidivism rate for inmates. To help offset the operational costs of the jail operations, revenues are obtained through an inmate phone system, diverted felony program and an inmate commissary system.43.41146664166326, -84.60834089296253

Inmate Record Check

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Police Records Request in St. Louis, Michigan

Consistent with Public Act 563 of 2014 amending the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the following is the Written Public Summary of the City’s FOIA Procedures and Guidelines relevant to the general public.

How do I submit a FOIA request to the City of St. Louis?

  • Requests to inspect or obtain copies of public records prepared, owned, used, possessed or retained by the City of St. Louis must be submitted in writing.
  • A request must sufficiently describe a public record so as to enable the City to find it.
  • No specific form to submit a written request is required. However a FOIA Request form for your use and convenience is available on the City’s website at
  • Written requests can be made in person by delivery to any City office in person or by mail.
  • Requests can also be made by facsimile at 989-681-3842 for non-public safety records and 989-681-4620 for public safety records. The subject should clearly indicate “FOIA Request”.
  • A request may also be submitted by email. To ensure a prompt response, e-mail requests should contain the term “FOIA” or “FOIA Request” in the subject line and be sent to

Note: If you are serving a sentence of imprisonment in a local, state or federal correctional facility you are not entitled to submit a request for a public record.

Inmate Record Check

Arrests, Mugshot, Jail Roster

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