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Landis, North Carolina Jail and Mugshot Information

Landis is a town located in Rowan County. According to the 2016 census, approximately 3,121 people live in this area. The mayor is Mike Mahaley. The Town Manager is Douglas R. Linn.

Town Hall:
312 S. Main Street, Landis, NC 28088
Phone: 704.857.2411
Fax: 704.855.3350

Landis Town Hall

Mayor’s Office:

In 2014, the crime index of Landis was 110.4 which was lower than the US average (293.1). During this year, there were no reported murders, rapes, robberies, and arson cases. However, there were 3 reported assaults, 25 reported burglaries, 25 reported thefts, and 1 auto theft. As of February 2019, 12 registered sex offenders are residing in Landis. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 262 to 1.

Landis, North Carolina Police Station Information

The town of Landis is rated an A- for crime and safety. Its total crime rate is 48% lower than the North Carolina average. It is also lower than the US average by 45%. Statistically, 4.14 crimes occur everyday in the town for every 100,000 people. The town is considered safer compared to 62% of all US cities. The odds of a person becoming a victim of a crime here is 1 in 67. The total year over year crimes in the town has gone down by 12%.

The Landis Police Department is headed by Chief of Police Kenny Isenhour. There are two main divisions in the LPD – Patrol and Investigations. The Patrol Division is responsible for answering calls for service as well as 24/7 police coverage to all areas in the community. The Investigations Division is responsible for conducting investigations on all reported incidents.

Landis Police Department:
136 N. Central Avenue, Landis NC 28088
Phone: 704.857.2129
Fax: 704.857.3512

Landis Police Dept

Open Records Request in Landis, North Carolina

The Town Clerk of Landis is also its Town Manager. The functions of this office include the safekeeping of all records pertaining to Town business. If you want to obtain copies of public records, you can submit a request to the Town Manager’s Office. For more information, you can call 704-857-2411.

Police Reports in Landis, North Carolina

Accident reports generated by the Landis Police Department can be obtained online through the department’s Crash Report Database. For copies of incident and arrest reports, you can submit a request via email to

Landis Police Crash Report

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