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Pilot Mountain, North Carolina Jail and Mugshot Information

Pilot Mountain is a town located in Surry County. According to the 2016 census, approximately 1,444 people living in this area. The mayor is Evan Cockerham. The Town Manager is Michael Boaz.

Town Hall:
124 W Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041
Phone: (336) 368 2247

Pilot Mountain Town Hall

In 2016, the crime index of Pilot Mountain was 212.7 which was lower than the US average (278.7). During this year, there were no reported murders, rapes, and robberies. However, there were 2 reported assaults, 13 reported burglaries, 43 reported thefts, 1 reported auto theft, and 1 reported arson case. As of March 2019, 9 registered sex offenders are residing in Pilot Mountain. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 191 to 1.

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina Police Station Information

Pilot Mountain is rated a C for crime and safety. Its total crime rate is lower than the North Carolina average by 61%. It was also lower compared to the US average by 58%. The odds of a person becoming a victim of a crime here is 1 in 88. The total year over year crimes in the town was reduced by 79%. Statistically, only 3.12 crimes occur daily in the town for every 100,000 people. The town is safer compared to 35% of all US cities.

The Pilot Mountain Police Department is comprised of 8 full-time police officers. The PMPD is headed by Chief of Police Darryl Bottoms. The officers are responsible for conducting routine patrols, enforcing traffic rules, conducting criminal investigations, and responding to all calls for service.

Pilot Mountain Police Department:
124 W Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041
Phone: (336) 368-4725

Pilot Mountain Police Dept

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The Town Clerk is the official custodian of public records. Any requests to inspect or obtain copies of public records from the town are handled by this office. The current Town Clerk is Holly Utt.

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