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Rockwell, North Carolina Jail and Mugshot Information

Rockwell is a town located in Rowan County. It has an estimated population of 2,144 based on the 2016 census. The mayor is Beauford Taylor.

Town Hall:
202 E. Main St., Rockwell, NC 28138
Phone: 704-279-2180
Fax: (704) 279-0454

Rockwell Town Hall

Mayor’s Office:

As of February 2019, 26 registered sex offenders are residing in Rockwell. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 74 to 1.

Rockwell, North Carolina Police Station Information

The town of Rockwell had a total of 55 reported incidents in 2016. Its total crime rate was 2,561 crimes for every 100,000 people. This was lower compared to the state average (2,909 crimes for every 100,000 people) and the US average (2,745 crimes for every 100,000 people). Theft was the most frequently reported crime that year.

The Rockwell Police Department is headed by Police Chief Hugh Bost, Jr. The department is responsible for the investigation of crimes, apprehension of offenders, facilitating traffic flow, and responding to all calls for service.

Rockwell Police Department:
303 West Main St., Rockwell, North Carolina 28138
Phone: 704-279-3420
Fax: (704) 279-6431

Rockwell Police Dept

The Rowan County Detention Center is the facility that houses the pretrial inmates of the Rockwell Police Department. This direct supervision facility along with the annex can house up to 370 inmates. Inmates in this jail are allowed non-contact visits once a week based upon the inmate’s last name.

Visitation Schedule:

Last names A to F
Saturday 1pm to 4pm

Last names G to K
Sunday 1pm to 4pm

Last names L to R
Tuesday 7pm to 10pm

Last names S to Z
Wednesday 7pm to 10pm

Rowan County Detention Center:
115 W Liberty Street, Salisbury, NC 28144
Phone: 704-216-8770
Fax: 704-216-8731

Open Records Request in Rockwell, North Carolina

The Town Clerk is responsible for the safekeeping of all public records in Rockwell. Any requests to view or obtain copies of public records are handled by this office. If you want to learn more about public records, you can get in touch with Town Clerk Marlene Dunn via email at

Police Reports in Rockwell, North Carolina

You can get a copy of a crash report directly from the Rockwell Police Department by 12pm on the next business day after the incident. The processing fee for each report is $2.

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