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Wentworth, North Carolina Jail and Mugshot Information

Wentworth is a small town that can be found in Rockingham County where it also serves as the county seat. According to the 2016 census, approximately 2,748 people live in this area. The Mayor is Dennis Paschal. The Town Manager is George T. Murphy, Sr.

Town Hall:
124 Peach Tree Road, Wentworth , NC 27375
Phone: 336.342.6288
Fax: 336.342.0322

Wentworth Town Hall

Mayor’s Office:
9684 NC 87, Reidsville, NC 27320
Phone: 336-347-7461

Town Manager’s Office:

Wentworth, North Carolina Police Station Information

The town of Wentworth is rated an A for crime and safety. The total crimes in the town are lower than the North Carolina average by 53%. Compared to the US average, the overall crime rate was also lower by 50%. Statistically, only 3.75 crimes occur in the town daily. The total year over year crimes in the town has not changed. The odds of a person becoming a victim of a crime here is 1 in 74. In fact, the town is safer than 66% of all US cities.

The town of Wentworth contracts with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. The Sheriff’s Office is comprised of several divisions such as Administration, Uniform Patrol Division, and the Detective Division. The Uniform Patrol Division has four squads working 12-hour shifts responsible for answering calls for service, enforcing criminal laws, and serving criminal and civil processes. The Detective Division is responsible for investigating designated crimes. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office is headed by Sheriff Samuel Scott Page.

Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office:
170 NC Highway 65, Reidsville, NC 27320
Phone: 336) 634-3232

Rockingham County Sheriff
Rockingham Sheriff Most Wanted

The Rockingham County Detention Center houses the pre-trial inmates of the RCSO as well as those serving short term misdemeanor sentences in the county. The facility has a bed capacity of 232 inmates. Inmates are allowed 4 visitors per week. All visitors must be on the inmate’s visitation list. The visitation hours are as follows:

Fridays (females only) from 1:30pm – 3:30pm and 7pm – 8:30pm

Saturdays (males only) Last Names A-L from 1:30 pm – 5pm

Sundays (males only) Last Names M-Z from 1:30 pm- 5pm

Open Records Request in Wentworth, North Carolina

The Town Clerk is the official record keeper of Wentworth. Any requests to view or get copies of public records are submitted to this office. Yvonne Russell is the current Town Clerk. For more information on public record requests, you can get in touch with the Town Clerk using the contact details below.

Town Clerk’s Office:
Phone: 336-342-6288
Fax: 336-342-0322

Police Reports in Wentworth, North Carolina

The Records Division of the RCSO is responsible for providing copies of incident reports to the public. You can submit a request for a copy of a police report to this division during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. There is a $0.08 per page fee for all public records copies. You can get in touch with the supervisor of the division, Sgt. Kevin Suthard, by calling 336-634-3065.

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