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The City of Madeira, Ohio has a population of 8,726. The mayor as of 2018 is Traci Theis. His phone number is 513-561-7228 and his email address is The city can be found in Hamilton County.

Traci Theis
City of Madeira
7141 Miami Ave.
Madeira, OH 45243
Phone: 513-561-7228

The crime index of Madeira, as reported by a 2013 statistic, was 17.7.

Madeira, Ohio Police Station Information

Facts about crime in Madeira, Ohio:

  • The overall crime rate in Madeira is 64% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 2.77 daily crimes that occur in Madeira.
  • Madeira is safer than 78% of the cities in the United States.
  • In Madeira you have a 1 in 100 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • The number of total year over year crimes in Madeira has not changed.

The Madeira Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement services to the City of Madeira, Ohio; a suburban community on the east side of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Madeira is considered one of the Cincinnati area’s finest communities, reflected by their police department’s commitment to progressive excellence in their delivery of service. They constantly strive to improve their operation and services; they welcome comments and suggestions from all facets of the community.

The Madeira Police Department operates under the City of Madeira Ordinances, a formal mission statement, and a set of rules and regulations as established by the department, in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Each of the above three sources influence and control all law enforcement activities within the City of Madeira, as it pertains to criminal and quasi-criminal behavior.


“The mission for every member of the Madeira Police Department is to seek and find ways affirmatively to promote, preserve, and deliver a feeling of security, safety, and quality services to all members of the community and those individuals passing through the community.

This mission is a commitment to quality performance from all police department members. It is critical that all members understand, accept, and be aligned with the responsibilities established by this mission. It provides the foundations upon which all operational decisions and organizational directives will be based. Directives include regulations, operating instructions, policies, procedures, and practices.

This mission represents the commitment of this administration to the concepts of quality performance management. In other words, members are expected to work consistently in a quality manner in the daily performance of those duties, job responsibilities, and work tasks associated with this mission. Quality manner means that performance outcomes comply with the performance standards established for this agency and for each member. Examples of performance standards include the oath of office, code of ethics, agency rules and regulations, policies, procedures, directives, general, special, and supervisory orders, work productivity and performance behavior.

Each member of the department is required to accept the responsibility for the achievement of this mission and the concepts of quality service.”

Madeira Police Department Address:

Dave Schaefer, Chief of Police
7141 Miami Ave,
Cincinnati, OH 45243
Phone: 513-272-4214
Fax: 513-272-4217

The Jail Services Division is one of the Divisions overseen by the Sheriff’s Office and is managed by Major Chris Ketteman. He is responsible for the operation of all adult detention facilities in Hamilton County that are under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. This includes 321 uniformed Corrections Officers, 33 uniformed Corrections Supervisors, and 83 support service personnel.

With an average daily inmate population of 1,524 and a total of 30,977 admissions in 2016, the local jail system is ranked among the top 25 largest in the nation. The average inmate incarceration length is 75 days.

The Hamilton County Justice Center, which was completed in 1985 at a cost of 54 million dollars, is the Division’s primary facility (with an inmate capacity of 1,240). In addition, the Division also maintains detention facilities at the Reading Road Facility (172 inmates), and the Woodburn Ave. facility (60 inmates), along with a comprehensive treatment program for multiple DUI offenders. Division personnel also provide for the security of inmates who are admitted to University Hospital and for juveniles who are to be tried as adults. The total Court Limited capacity is 1,472.

The Hamilton County Justice Center has been described as a “city within a city”. To provide for the general welfare of inmates, the Jail Services Division administers a wide variety of programs and services, including an accredited Health Services Section (medical, dental and psychiatric), a commercially equipped laundry, and an institutional kitchen that prepares 120,000 meals a month. Division Staff are also responsible for the supervision of inmate recreation programs and for the efficient operation of the commissary, mail, and property room services.

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Madeira, Ohio Jail:

Hamilton Sheriff Jail

Contact Information
Country: USA
Address 1: 7141 Miami Ave
City: Madeira
State: Ohio
Zip Code: 45243-2616
County: Hamilton County
Phone #: 513-272-4214
Fax #: 513-272-4211
Additional Information
Type: Police Departments
Population Served: 10000
Number of Officers: 12

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